ARC Review: The Shield Road

I was honored to receive an ARC of Dewi Hargreaves’ upcoming anthology, The Shield Road.

This collection of fantastical and interwoven short stories is a masterpiece of fiction. Though each story could be read on its own, the collection as a whole and the puzzle pieces strewn throughout are extremely satisfying to read and piece together. The recurring themes and mysterious elements make reading the entire thing, front to back, worth your while.

Though these stories are of course short, the characterization within is wonderful and cohesive. Each character is a fully fleshed person with individual wants, fears, and motivations. We begin with meeting each character in their own story and along the way, get to enjoy as these characters find each other in this vast world, their stories weaving together to create an overarching plot.

Map created by Dewi Hargreaves for his anthology, The Shield Road

I cannot recommend this anthology enough. If you’re looking for a story with impressive world building, found family tropes, and suspenseful intrigue, look no further than The Shield Road.

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